Apne Dolls, a Punjabi Indian doll manufacturer, is looking at the value of mummy bloggers, and of course, I am presenting myself right here as one of them.

Working hard or hardly working?

Mummy bloggers are everywhere, you probably know one, you could even be one. There are believed to be over 4.4million – and that was back in 2014. Mummy bloggers have taken a huge chunk of the blogging scene lately. But why?…

What is the role of mummy blogger?

“Earlier this year Josi Denise shut down her American Mama blog and went on an epic rant in the process, called “Dear Mommy Blogger.” The mom blog industry is fake, claims Denise, lacking genuine thoughts from genuine people. Instead, such blogs are simply promoting brands to make money!” this was taken from Neil Patel of Forbes.

You may think this unfair, but with the popularity of friendly appearing well designed mummy blogging sites what’s not to like? Like most sites people will always stray away to look around at other sites but generally come back to the ‘old favourite’, in the case of Apne Dolls it is usually Netmums.

This is an image of the Punjabi Indian Satty Doll by
Punjabi Indian Satty Doll

How relevant, original and honest a blogger or their site is is a matter of opinion… your opinion. Unfortunately it requires your time to go ahead and click to read before passing judgement.

Just the idea of mums offering any advice in their content leads us to all think of our own mums. Who wouldn’t trust their mum? All the connotations surrounding that maternal bond are positive and from a marketing, business, SEO etc point of view it is gold dust. Marketing is all about relatability can you get better than a motherly insight?

Why do they blog?

Why do ‘they’ blog?  For some they use it in the same way as a diary, too often I guess. They want their input on this planet to be recorded, to be given some attention and thought. Some use it to personally look back and reflect nostalgically, or to record choices and paths taken in life. Recording ideas whether great or regrets waiting to happen.

If you are someone at home with the time to spare why not share your thoughts and offer insights or opinions to others who reach out for it? It is only the same as social media sharing. Talking can be therapeutic we all know this, if it is on a 2000 word written blog it will still be therapeutic once you hit that send button and, don’t forget, you are helping someone else in the process which enhances your feel-good factor.

When we sat down and began creating Apne Dolls, a Punjabi Indian Doll manufacturer, we gained great insight from many of the accomplished bloggers out there searching for all number of quirky or imaginative things. This is where Satty was born. Satty is a beautifully crafted, 11 inch tall ball jointed fashion doll. Her clothing was inspired by sources from the online community and wonderous images of fabrics, images of venues in India, of Punjabi designer wedding gowns of palatial gurdwaras and temples. Without you all sharing, showcasing and visualising, the Satty doll would most likely never have been born.

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Should we trust the mummy blogger?

“Mom bloggers are a powerful voice and mom blogs are an important tool to influence moms. Their blogs act as a trusted source of information to many fellow mothers who look up to them. Also, mommy bloggers are very valuable to brands and internet marketer.

When we did our first searches, there were not many resources that identified Indian mommy bloggers. So, such a list could be helpful to both new mommy bloggers who are looking up to others for inspiration (and networking) and also for internet marketers.” Says Biplab Nath of

Image shows a child stacking toy blocks.
Play is important

Also recall the views expressed by Josi Denise earlier in this article concerning mummy bloggers adopting the product influencer role.

Remember for a new brand of Punjabi Indian dolls such as ours, the research available in the form of bloggers is invaluable as is proven in recent article about lessons learned from bloggers. As we are a product proud to be establishing ourselves in a niche market where else could we go to find an array of opinions, trends, feelings and insights on the world of fashion dolls for the Indian child. For Punjabi wedding inspiration that is on trend and straight from the Indian, US and UK scene. When you do genuinely receive praise from a fellow parent it can be just the boost you need to feel on the right track, for instance here on our

Here are 3 great Indian based mummy bloggers…

Artsy Craftsy Mom If you are looking for great ideas such as healthy or vegan Indian meal ideas.

My Little Moppet Helps with health and wellbeing of your little ones.

Kids Stop Press More for parents including being tech savvy.

So no matter what you are looking for you are likely to find all your needs met with these authors. Sure some are marketeers but there are genuine ethical unbiased opinions out there too, you just like us have to search to find them.

Let us thank you for reading and for getting this far together we would like to give you a free read for your little loved ones or maybe yourself… click here and receive your free edition of ‘The Wedding Shoes’ illustrated book courtesy of Apne Dolls. It introduces Satty and her family celebrating her upcoming Punjabi wedding.

On the whole Apne Dolls wouldn’t want it any other way and praise the many, many mummy bloggers out there. So if you too are a mummy or a blogger who has something to say leave us a comment below.

For a FREE illustrated book that introduces Satty and her family worth £3.99 please click here