About Us

Apne Dolls® is a unique doll manufacturer bringing beautiful Indian dolls from our family to yours.

How many different dolls can you imagine you may have seen in your lifetime? Fashion dolls, baby dolls, heroine and hero dolls, monster dolls, dolls houses, dolls clothes, doll making crafts… when did you last come across a Punjabi inspired doll?

Being 1st generation British Sikh born to Punjabi, Indian parents we, like many other friends and family had stacks of fashion dolls for the children, however in the back of my mind I wondered why there had not been an appealing looking doll for 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc generation British Indians here in the UK?

Over time the doll collections would reflect most of their school friends ‘except’ us ourselves and we wanted to rectify this and so in 2017 we set about creating ‘Satty’, or ‘Bhabi-ji’ to be the first in her family collection.

I looked around and found nothing accessible and as attractive as the other fashion doll counter parts on the store shelves. As someone asked us during this whole process, ‘Why have we not already got dolls like this on shelves?’ a question I could not answer but one I was working really hard on resolving.

As a company we wanted to create Punjabi dolls for Punjabi children. We developed ‘Satty’ over time. Being a complete novice it has been a very steep learning curve as my working life has not been anything near this industry. Achieving what we have in a relatively short space of time is remarkable so I am told. It is about time a doll creator looks into the values and contribution people of Punjabi heritage have brought to the UK since first arriving decades ago.